About the Bioeconomy RI

Joint Aalto University and VTT Bioeconomy Infrastructure is on the updated national research infrastructure roadmap 2014-2020.

Aalto Bioeconomy contains the selected research infrastructures at the School of Chemical Engineering for development of chemicals, fuels, fibre products and materials from renewable biomass utilizing biotechnical, chemical and thermal processing technologies.

The infrastructure contains research laboratories, characterization and analysis equipment and modeling and simulation tools in the field of biorefinery. The research enabled by the infra can be divided to process technology, industrial biotechnology and material science aiming to novel products and process solutions utilizing renewable and preferably non-edible biomass.

There is a wide range of equipment available for the pretreatment, analysis, characterization, processing and testing of biobased materials within the BIOECONOMY infrastructure. Equipment is listed in different categories and is placed in different locations at the relevant departments. For more information and equipment reservation please contact Jaana Rich (jaana.rich(at)aalto.fi or +358504081988). Some equipment reservation is available through www pages for registered users.

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