There is a wide range of equipment available for the pretreatment, analysis, characterization, processing and testing of biobased materials within the BIOECONOMY infrastructure. Equipment is listed in different categories and is placed in different locations at the relevant departments. For more information and equipment reservation please contact Jaana Rich ( or +358504081988). Some equipment reservation will be available through these www pages for registered users.

Due to the great variance in the equipment available also the operation can require more or less training and in some cases the analysis will be conducted by the trained staff only. Price categories shown here are indicative and subject to change without notice.

Our aim is to offer the equipment for scientific research and joint research projects are welcomed. For the research groups who annually use extensively the facilities reduced price can be negotiated.

VAT not included

Category I: Basic processing and testing equipment

                      Academic work                15-50€/h

                      Commercial                      50-100€/h

Category II: Advanced processing and analysis equipment

                      Academic work                 30€/h or 30€/sample (depending on the measurement)

                      Commercial                      100-120 €/h or 100-120 €/sample

Operator time by technician or scientist

                      Academic work 22/33 € per hour

                      Commercial use 60/90€ per hour


Examples of category I equipment

DSC, Instron, autoclaves, injection molding

Examples of category II equipment

NMR, ESCA, dynamic rheometers


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